BLF Salute Major Sulaiman alias Shehak and his comrades who sacrificed their lives in defense of the Baloch homeland

Balochistan Liberation Front’s spokesperson Major Gwahram Baloch released a statement on the martyrdom date of Shaheed Sulaiman and comrades, saying that “The resistance and courage shown by the martyrs of Mehi, Mashkay against the aggression of the occupying Pakistani army on June 30, 2015, will be remembered in golden words in the pages of history. Thanks to the sacrifices of these martyrs, awareness of the struggle against Pakistani occupation is spreading to every corner of Balochistan. History honors those who stand up for the defense of their nation and homeland at decisive moments.

The Baloch national freedom movement is ongoing and strong thanks to the sacrifices of these martyrs. These great sacrifices of the martyrs have fostered the consciousness within the Baloch nation that the enemy occupying Balochistan should not be allowed to breathe in peace until they suffocate and run away. It should be remembered that the occupier has always treated the enslaved people with the same inhumane treatment that the state of Pakistan is doing with the Baloch in occupied Balochistan, including killings, enforced disappearances and dumping of mutilated bodies and other atrocities included.

The Martyrs of Mehi area of Mashkay Shaheed Major Sulaiman alias Shehak Jan, Zakir Jan, Ramzan Baloch, Gaji Baloch, Alam Khan, Rafiq Baloch, Farhad Baloch, Anees Baloch, Khuda Nazar Baloch, Faisal Baloch, Zaheer Baloch and Safar Khan Baloch are the great sons of the nation. Those who bravely and courageously adopted the path of resistance against the Pakistani occupation and colonial policy and laid down their lives fighting for the freedom of the country. These great sacrifices of martyrs are encouraging us to leave tribalism, territorialism and become a part of this national struggle as Baloch and strengthen it. Martyrs of Balochistan sacrificed their precious lives so that the Baloch nation could live with freedom and dignity. The national movement needs to be further strengthened and organized while carrying forward this great ideology of martyrs and the spirit of sacrifice.

We pay our respects to the Martyrs of Mehi on the occasion of their 9th anniversary, the great sons who have shown us the path of national freedom by sacrificing their lives. The Baloch nation is currently facing an uncivilized and oppressive state like Pakistan, which is continuing wrath against the Baloch nation every day. These situations demand that the Baloch youth should be a part of this struggle and take it forward in a more organized manner because an independent Balochistan can only guarantee a better future for the Baloch nation.

The Balochistan Liberation Front pays tribute to these brave Baloch Sarmachars for their great martyrdom and reiterates its determination to fulfill the mission of the martyred comrades under all circumstances. Their dream of an independent Balochistan will be realized.

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