Pakistani state trying to imprison Gwadar’s residents by fencing project. BSO Azad

The security forces are trying to imprison all Gwadar residents by fencing project. China should refrain from doing business in occupied Balochistan. Spokesperson BSO Azad said in a statement released to media.

He added “The recent steps by the Pakistani security establishment to fence off Gwadar locals, natives of Balochistan, for its exploitative designs and colonial mindset are an existential threat to the Baloch Nation.

The decision to fence Gwadar is a long-term policy of the Pakistani state to imprison every citizen of Gwadar and restrict the free movement of the local people, as security check-posts are already in place to enforce this. It is quite alarming that the Chinese government is aiding the Pakistani state in fencing in the local people, which is designed to strengthen its authority through the CPEC project. As a global power, China must not follow in the footsteps of imperialist states by colonizing weaker nations to develop its power. The defeats of the greatest powers in colonial territories should serve as a lesson for China to avoid such colonial projects in Balochistan, where the nation will never accept these so-called colonial initiatives.

The state’s policies to fence Gwadar will be resisted in all forms by the Baloch Nation, and these projects will fail miserably in Balochistan. The recent waves of political resistance showcase the Baloch rejection of these colonial projects and the occupying forces in Balochistan. Fencing Gwadar or any other colonial project, such as CPEC, Saindak, Reko Diq, and other similar projects, is intended to exploit the natural resources of our homeland.

He further added” The colonial and exploitative projects in Balochistan have always been initiated against the consent of the Baloch nation. These projects benefit only the Pakistani establishment while the local population suffers. Currently, in Gwadar, Pakistani security forces are attempting to imprison residents in their own land through a fencing project. The puppet government officials are not representative of the Baloch nation.

The Baloch nation has consistently resisted such projects that have made their lives miserable. The Baloch nation continues to struggle against these colonial projects until their voices are heard.The international community must take note of Pakistan’s brutal policies in Balochistan and support the Baloch national resistance against this occupation. It is the prime responsibility of international powers to stop Pakistan from undertaking such illegal and colonial actions. Millions of Baloch people are looking for international help in their lawful and just resistance against Pakistan, which has continuously perpetrated war crimes against the Baloch Nation. The recent development of fencing Gwadar is another act of crime against the human freedom of movement.

News Editor

News Editor

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