Long March for Release of Baloch Missing Persons Reaches Turbat from Buleda, Continues Sit-in In front of DC Office

The protest long march on behalf of the relatives of Baloch missing persons from Buleda Zamuran reached Turbat city yesterday evening in the form of a convoy of vehicles.

Relatives of several Baloch missing persons, including men and women, reached Turbat yesterday evening and staged a sit-in in front of Turbat DC office in the protest long march.

The Families of missing Muslim Arif, Fateh Mayar, Nasram Pir Bakhsh, Pazeer Abdul Ghani, Shehzad Ubaid and Dawood Abdul Wahab are included in the long march, while the families of fourteen missing people are present in the sit-in protest now.

The long march took the form of a rally as soon as it reached Turbat, patrolling various highways and sit-in camped in front of the DC office.The sit-in is being led by Arif Baloch, father of missing Muslim Arif, and Waseem Safar, leader of the Baloch Yakjehti Committee.

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