BLF Claims Responsibility for Killing National Criminals Hameedullah and Hamza in Kalat and Panjgur

Major Gwahram, Spokesperson for the Balochistan Liberation Front Baloch claimed killing of two operatives of MI and ISI, Hameedullah s/o Akhtar, Panjgur Resistant in Kalam Chowk area of Panjgur and Hamza at Dor place in Shoor Parood area of Kalat and confiscated theirs weapons and other equipment.

He added “Hameedullah, a former Sarmachar (Militant) surrendered to the Pakistan Army and subsequently worked for the so-called Counter Terrorism Department (CTD), established by the Pakistan Army, Military Intelligence (MI), and Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI). Besides his role as a significant operative for the enemy, he was implicated in numerous social atrocities.

A special team was formed to suppress him, which kept a close watch on the movements of the national criminal. On the information of his presence on June 4, the Baloch Sarmachars took action and neutralized him.In another operation, Sarmachars shot and killed Hamza, the right-hand man of the active death squad Habibullah Mardanshahi in Shoor Parood area of Kalat.

The national criminal was employed by Habibullah Mardanshahi, the operatives of regional death squads established by the occupying Pakistan Army, Military Intelligence (MI), and Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI). Mardanshahi serves as the right-hand man to the notorious Ali Haider Muhammad Hassani.

This national criminal was directly involved in social atrocities in different areas of Kalat and Kharan as well as the martyrdom of fellow Sarmachar Shaheed Shams Baloch, Shaheed Dr Shoaib and Zafar Baloch.Serious crimes like kidnapping people and handing them over to the Pakistani army are also included in the crimes of national criminal Hamza. Based on the solid evidence of his crimes, on June 5, the Sarmachars of the Balochistan Liberation Front decided to neutralize him and after killing the national criminal, the Sarmachars also took away his arms and other equipment.

BLF claimed responsibility for the killing of these national criminals. Criminals are punished according to their crimes. All elements active against Baloch society and Baloch national movement are warned to desist from their criminal activities or else they will have to face the same fate which will be a source of shame for their future generations.

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