Preserving and progressing the Balochi Language, By – Mohib Hameed

Baloch are a great and brave nation with a rich history, characterized by numerous sacrifices made to protect their homeland and preserve their national identity against colonization and imperialism. Even today, they continue to resist any attempts at colonization.

The Baloch nation boasts a significant and ancient languages known as Balochi along with several other languages which are derived from the Balochi language such as Bravi, Lasi, Jadgali, Kehterani etc. To develop and promote the Balochi language, we must employ various techniques and methods. Progressing the Balochi language requires diverse approaches. Unfortunately, our language has been neglected in educational institutions due to the historical subjugation we endured. This neglect has hindered the language’s development.

However, due to the Baloch nation’s love for their language and heritage, efforts are underway to safeguard and develop Balochi, preventing it from fading away. Regrettably, our government has yet to take significant steps to promote the language. Government intervention plays a crucial role in advancing any language. Therefore, we must take substantial measures to protect and develop our language, as governmental support for our language is lacking.

We should adopt various effective methods, such as establishing academies dedicated to teaching Balochi and utilizing social media platforms to teach and promote the language. It’s essential to speak in pure Balochi, avoiding the incorporation of foreign words. Additionally, all written material, including articles, should be in Balochi.Regular programs should be organized across different locations each month to promote and protect the Balochi language, including discussions on its properties, history, and ongoing development. Furthermore, producing more Balochi movies, photography, and translating renowned movies and books into Balochi can significantly contribute to the language’s advancement.

As a Baloch poet once said, ‘Every person who does not love their language cannot truly love their nation.’ Despite the historical resistance from colonizers against developing our language, we must take proactive steps. Though backward and oppressed, nations can preserve their languages, which is a monumental achievement.

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News Editor

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