BNM’s Chairman Warns of Staunch Resistance Against Gwadar Fencing Initiative

Dr. Naseem Baloch, Chairman of the Baloch National Movement, strongly condemned the construction of the Gwadar fence, stating that This extreme measure will face staunch resistance fueled by national solidarity and determination. It must be understood that this issue transcends the interests of a select few landowners; it concerns the entire Baloch nation. Resistance must be mounted at all levels to counter this encroachment on our rights.

Dr. Naseem said, The Pakistani state is aggressively advancing its colonialist agenda, hastily collaborating with global partners, aiming to displace the Baloch nation from the Baloch coast. This includes the divisive tactic of isolating Gwadar, Balochistan’s primary coastal city, under the guise of establishing a “Safe City.”

Dr. Baloch said, Previously, discussions focused on implementing a special resident card for entry into Gwadar. However, the current approach involves fencing the city under the pretext of security, paving the way for its eventual separation from the rest of Balochistan.

He disclosed that According to the plan, a barrier will stretch from the zero point to Pishukan beach, severely curtailing citizens’ freedom of movement. Despite the ongoing struggle for independence in Balochistan, those involved have refrained from harming civilians. Yet, the occupiers seek to besiege the entire city, claiming it’s to safeguard their installations and personnel, a pretext vehemently opposed by the Baloch nation. This isn’t solely about security; it’s an insidious attempt to alter the demographic makeup of Balochistan. If security were the primary concern, Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan, would have been secured by fencing long ago.

In addition to sharing his statement on social media platform X, Dr. Naseem also posted a video, obtained by BNM’s Information Department on May 3, 2024, showing ongoing fencing activity around Gwadar city.

Video :

Commenting on the video, BNM noted that despite visible progress in the fencing work, attempts are being made to conceal the process at the state level.

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