BRAS pays tribute for fallen freedom fighters and accept killing of Seven enemy personnel in Mashkay

Baloch Khan, spokesperson for the Baloch Raji Aajoi Sangar (BRAS)issued a statement to media and claimed elimination of seven personnel of Pakistani military and injuring several more in a armed clashes in Mashkay.

Baloch Khan said “On 30 December 2023, occupying Pakistani forces carried out a drone attack and attempted to surround a camp of BRAS in Gurandi Zeera Kaur area of Mashkay by dropping commandos through helicopters. Following professional military tactics, Baloch freedom fighters formed multiple teams to foil enemy aggression and carried several successful attacks against the advancing enemy troops.

At least 7 enemy commandos were eliminated in two separate attacks, whereas, three Baloch freedom fighters, identified as Sarwar alias Duruk, Azam alias Basit and Abdul Sattar alias Maraij made ultimate sacrifices.

He added that “Two freedom fighters of BRAS, Kenagi alias Muslim and Ali alias Atta, while forestalling enemy advances for hours and providing a safe route for Baloch freedom fighters, also embraced martyrdom. Both valiant fighters fought the enemy troops until their last bullets, and made the ultimate sacrifices at their own hands after running out of ammunition.

The fallen comrades were affiliated with the allied organisations of BRAS. Martyr Sarwar alias Durak, a resident of Mashkay Gajjar, joined Balochistan liberation Front (BLF) in 2012. Due to his continuous hardwork and military skills, he had achieved the rank of a captain in BLF.

Martyr Azam alias Basit, a resident of Achren, Mashkay, joined BLF in 2013. He had valiantly took part in several successful operations against the enemy forces.

Martyr Abdul Sattar lias Meraj, a resident of Nokjo, Mashkay was affiliated with Baloch Liberation Army since 2016. He took part in numerous operations against the occupying forces.

Martyr Ali alias Atta was a resident of Gajali in Mashkay. He had been serving his national duties through the platform of BLF since 2013. He also took part in several operations against the occupying forces and inflicted heavy losses upon the enemy forces.

Martyr Kennagi alias Muslim s/o Martyr Shehak, a resident of Mehi, Mashkay joined BLF in 2021. He was known for his expertise in IED making. His father and more than 30 members of his family have embraced martyrdom while serving for the Baloch national struggle for freedom.

Concluding in statement BRAS pays rich tributes to fallen comrades and vows to accomplish their mission by achieving an independent Balochistan

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