BRAS Claims 14 Attacks on Election Offices and Personnel in Balochistan

The Baloch Raj Aajoi Sangar (BRAS), an alliance of several Baloch ‘pro-independence’ groups, claimed responsibility for 14 attacks on election and political party offices and personnel in different parts of Balochistan ahead of the 2024 general elections.

The group said that the people of Balochistan have boycotted the Pakistani elections, and the organization will continue to target the party offices and election staff if they do not stop their activities.

The BRAS spokesperson said that the ‘sarmachars’ (freedom fighters) targeted the JUI-F offices in Manguchar at 8:00 pm. In another attack in the same district, they targeted the mess hall of Pakistani security forces, causing casualties and damage to the ‘enemy’.In Kech, the ‘sarmachars’ targeted a security checkpoint of the Pakistani forces in the Tajaban area, killing at least two soldiers and injuring several others.

They also targeted another security checkpoint in the Kolwah area, inflicting heavy losses on the ‘enemy’. In addition, they attacked a camp of the Pakistani forces in Hoshap using grenade launchers, destroying a significant portion of it. They also targeted a security checkpoint of Pakistani forces located on the CPEC route.

The BRAS said that in Quetta, its fighters targeted a so-called election office on Magsi Stop on the Eastern Bypass with a hand grenade. In a similar attack, they targeted another election office in the same area in the evening.

The BRAS fighters attacked the residence of former ‘puppet’ Home Minister and Muslim League N candidate Shoaib Nosherwani in a grenade attack. His residence was being used as his makeshift election office.

The BRAS said that Nosherwani served as home minister to the Balochistan government at the time of Nawab Akbar Bugti’s killing and since then, he has been part of the so-called elections to further the ‘oppression and occupation’ of Balochistan.In another attack in Kalat, the ‘sarmachars’ hit a PPP election office in the Mughalzai area.In Mashkay, BRAS attacked a camp of Pakistani security forces, causing material damage and fatalities to the ‘enemy’. In a separate attack in Mashkay’s Ogaar region, causing severe losses to the Pakistani forces.In Kilkor, Panjgoor, the ‘sarmachars’ targeted the security checkpoint of Pakistani forces located in the vicinity of the water supply tank.In Awaran’s Kanechi area, the ‘sarmachars’ targeted another camp of Pakistani forces, causing several injuries and destroying a good portion of the camp.

The BRAS spokesperson said that the group has made it clear it does not accept the so-called general elections imposed on Balochistan by the Pakistani state.

The group said that these elections are another tool to further entrench the ‘occupation’ of Balochistan. The group said that like all the other propaganda tactics of the Pakistani state, it will thwart this tactic with the help of the people of Balochistan.

The BRAS spokesperson also made it clear that its fighters try to avoid or minimize any damage to the general public during such attacks. The group appealed to the general public to keep safe in their homes and avoid going out to election rallies or offices, and promised that it will continue such attacks ahead of the upcoming general elections.

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