BYC Announces “National Gathering” in July, in a Press Conference in Quetta

The leaders of the Baloch Yakjehti Committee while holding a press conference at Quetta Press Club said that the Baloch Yakjehti Committee expresses its condolences to the families of the people who were martyred in the Washuk bus accident last days and we are with their families in this difficult time. Equal share in grief, and stand with them, it is part of Baloch genocide.

From Balochistan, there are always painful news about enforced disappearance, extrajudicial and target killing, mutilated body, road accident, cancer or any other case.
Our society has been brought to such a level that we have forgotten to celebrate joy, we don’t even remember the last time our nation celebrated, we are being tortured so much, so many dead bodies are being given, in such a violent environment. It is said that we are shouldering the dead bodies of our youth together in a normal state like an 80 years old-man is shouldered after it’s natural death.

In the press conference, Sebghat Ullah Baloch, leader of BYC, said that ten youths are being forcibly disappeared together every day in front of our eyes and now the situation has become such that every youth is sitting in his home, in the hostel or in the classroom waiting for his forced disappearance. It happens, now our women also leave the house, so the same fear is in their minds that some “Vigo wala” comes and disappear them from the highway. Earlier we used to say that many educated or political people of Baloch are not safe. Now the Baloch workers and drivers are not safe even while working.

He said that the drivers who earn their livelihood on the border are being killed day by day, despite getting thousands of rupees daily from each of their vehicles, they are being subjected to the worst torture, humiliation and The same is true of fishermen and farmers. These situations are not written in our destiny nor is it a test of any nature but it is the worst form of colonization and all these actions are a part of the Baloch Genocide Policy and the Baloch Genocide Policy is being made in the AC rooms of Islamabad. in which all the institutions of the state are included unanimously.

The leaders of the Baloch Yakjehti Committee said that state repression is at its peak in Balochistan and Balochistan has become a slaughter house. In the month of May alone, 68 cases of enforced disappearances have been reported and many such cases of enforced disappearances have not been reported or come to the media due to various reasons.
According to the statistics of forced disappearances reported in the media, on an average two Baloch people are being subjected to forced disappearances on a daily basis.
While the month of May has not yet completed, it is not known how many more Baloch will be subjected to forced disappearances today and tomorrow.

He said that we say this with full evidence and data that Balochistan currently ranks first in the world in terms of enforced disappearances and is the worst region in terms of human rights violations.

He said that in addition to this, many people have been killed in Balochistan in the month of May.

BYC leaders said that 28 people were killed in an accident of a passenger bus at Washuk District while coming from Turbat to Quetta on May 29 and according to a media report, seven people were killed in Balochistan in January this year. More than a thousand people have been killed in road accidents, more than nine thousand people have been injured and 187 have been killed in these accidents.

We understand that these road accidents are a part of regular Baloch genocide because the state loves the resources of Balochistan and is looting the resources of Balochistan with both hands, but it cannot build a double road in Balochistan or improve traffic and transport.
The system can be made and thousands of people have been killed due to road accidents in the past many years and there have been continuous protests against these road accidents, voices have also been raised, but the state is not even missing a beat on this issue.

He further said that the workers and sympathizers of the Baloch Solidarity Committee in different areas of Balochistan have been ordered by the Frontier Corps (FC), Army and intelligence agencies of Pakistan to participate in long marches and protests against the Baloch genocide.

They are threatening and subjecting them to violence by summoning them to their offices. Such incidents are happening especially in Kohlu, Mashkay , Dalbandin, Awaran, Kech, Panjgur and Karachi. People are being called to FC and Army camps and threatened with dire consequences and harm to family members and this continues. After protest or political activities are carried out in any area, calls start coming from FC and Army camps.

He said that we want to make it clear to all the state institutions that now the fear has disappeared from the people and the people are tired of your brutality and oppression, so now nothing will be done by threatening and threatening the people in the camps. We will not remain silent against inviting people to camps.

He said that in the name of mega-projects and security in Gwadar, fishermen are constantly harassed, prevented from going to the sea, subjected to torture and humiliated, and when they go to the sea, the state backs them.

The BYC leaders said that due to the lack of other sources of employment in Balochistan, Balochistan workers drive vehicles in the border by driving, but the state does not tolerate Baloch labor. On the one hand, the state army demands extortion from Baloch drivers in the amount of thousands of rupees every day for each trip, while after taking the extortion, Baloch drivers are tortured, humiliated, and mud is thrown in the engines of vehicles. They leave their bare feet in the hot sand and direct fire is fired on them several times due to which dozens of drivers have lost their lives.

Similarly, Baloch farmers are facing worst exploitation in entire Balochistan including Naseerabad region, Baloch farmers of Naseerabad region are harassed on various pretexts and they are being severely economically exploited.

Baloch Yakjehti Committee leaders said that we declare through this press conference that we will not remain silent against state atrocities in Balochistan in any case, just as state brutality is accelerating, we will also fight against these atrocities. Will speed up.

The Baloch Yakjehti Committee will organize a historic “National Gathering” against the Baloch Genocide in the month of July, in which a huge national gathering will be held in the form of a march from all over Balochistan by gathering the Baloch people at a central location. The existing Baloch Yakjehti Committee workers, sympathizers and the Baloch nation should start preparing for the National Gathering in a comprehensive manner. The date, venue and procedure of the National Gathering will be announced later through the media. The Baloch National Gathering is part of the Baloch Yakjehti Committee’s movement against Baloch Genocide.

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