Pakistan Escalate Brutality to Instill State of Fear in Balochistan – Dr. Naseem Baloch

As a nation, we have realized that living with Pakistan is intolerable, but to get rid of the colonial state of Pakistan requires a lot of sacrifices and real action. We have to be very practical and realistic about our future. This was said by Baloch National Movement (BNM) Chairman Dr. Naseem Baloch at the fifth general body meeting of BNM Germany Chapter.

Continuing his speech, Dr. Naseem Baloch emphasized that there was no relationship between us and Pakistan, nor do we desire one. Our vision and dream are clear: we want freedom from the colonial rule of Pakistan. He acknowledged that Pakistan will intensify its atrocities to instill fear and suppress the Baloch people’s voice for freedom. However, the Baloch nation remains determined and steadfast in its struggle for independence.

Dr. Naseem Baloch also addressed the diaspora’s role in the struggle, highlighting the progress made in the journey towards independence. He mentioned the positive changes in the BNM party constitution to enhance professionalism and effectiveness in the national movement. The establishment of the human rights organization Paank and improvements in the Social Welfare, Information, and Foreign Affairs departments have contributed to these advancements.

The Chairman of BNM criticized the effects of colonialism, citing the death of prominent Baloch photographer Kamancher as a consequence of the lack of basic health facilities in Balochistan due to Pakistan’s colonial policy.He also acknowledged the hardships faced by migrants, emphasizing the abnormal nature of their joys and sorrows. These conditions, he said, only serve to strengthen their resolve and determination to achieve the ultimate goal of freedom and return to their motherland.

Dr. Naseem Baloch paid tribute to Shaheed Dosta Mahmood and all enforced disappearances and Baloch martyrs enduring torture in Pakistani torture cells. He expressed pride in attending the event in Germany and being a part of the movement for freedom.

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