BLA Claims Killing of Eleven Pakistani Militants in Iskalko Camp, Kalat Attack last day

Baloch Liberation Army spokesperson Jeeyand Baloch issued a detailed statement regarding it’s recent major attack on one of the Pakistani military camp in Iskalko area in Kalat Distt, claiming that the operation resulted in the deaths of 11 Pakistani soldiers and injuries several others.

BLA spokesperson Jeeyand Baloch added ” the attack began at 10:30 PM on Monday night. BLA fighters launched coordinated rocket and heavy weapon attacks on the Pakistani forces from multiple directions.

According to the spokesperson, the BLA’s Fateh Squad engaged in close combat with Pakistani forces, capturing two outposts within an hour. The combined efforts of the Fateh Squad and the Special Tactical Operations Squad (STOS) then led to the capture of the main camp after intense fighting.

Jeeyand Baloch claimed that Pakistani personnel abandoned their weapons and fled as BLA fighters advanced. The BLA’s sniper team pursued the fleeing soldiers, allegedly killing at least 11. The fighters held the camp for 12 hours, seizing weapons and ammunition before setting parts of the camp on fire.

The spokesperson added that this morning, BLA fighters targeted and forced the retreat of Pakistani armored vehicles and helicopters sent as reinforcements. All BLA fighters then safely returned to their secure locations.

Meanwhile, Balochistan’s Interior Minister Ziaullah Langove confirmed the attack and confessed the killing of two FC personnel in the Iskalko attack, he further said that an earlier attack had also taken place on a security forces’ camp in the Khaliqabad area of Kalat district. Following this, around 40 to 50 attackers carried out a second attack in Iskalko.

He mentioned that there were two FC posts in the area, with approximately 20 personnel deployed. According to him, he has been monitoring the situation since last night, during which Kalat police and Levies forces were mobilized in the area.

The Iskalko camp was reportedly established to protect projects operated by Pakistan Petroleum Limited (PPL) in Kalat. Jeeyand Baloch accused PPL of exploiting Baloch resources under the guise of oil and gas exploration and warned the company to cease operations immediately.

BLA spokesperson Jeeyand Baloch said that BLA would not tolerate the exploitation of Baloch resources and that future attacks on PPL sites would be even more severe if the company did not halt its activities.

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