Pakistani elections, Turn out in Balochistan is extremely low, Explosions echo throughout the day

In the Pakistani general elections, despite strict security arrangements and network closures in occupied Balochistan, people’s interest in the elections seems very low, and the voting percentage remained very low. The percentage of voting was around 15 to 16 percent

As soon as the election process began in the morning, reports of bomb attacks on several polling stations from different areas of Balochistan, while people protested strongly against the state election process at Mand Tump, Hironk and other polling stations in Distt Kech. The polling station was stormed and ballot boxes were thrown and ballot papers were burnt.

Most of the polling stations in Balochistan were declared highly sensitive where the polling process could not be started, various polling stations in district Kech were seen deserted where even though there were thousands of voters, not even a single vote was casted or polling was barely done for a couple of hours. After continuing, the number of votes did not exceed one hundred Many security personnel have been killed and injured due to explosions, shootings and attacks in different areas of Balochistan. According to an estimate, the turnout in Balochistan seems less than in 2013 general election, which is very disappointing for the Pakistani state. The lack of participation of the Baloch people in the state elections is a message of hatred and disgust with the state system.

According to the sources, the Baloch people showed disinterest in the elections in this election, which is the reason for state repression, Baloch genocide and forced disappearances in Balochistan. And hundreds have been killed extrajudicially and intense public resistance has destroyed fear and panic among the peopleToday, women and children came out in large numbers in various polling stations of the Mand area of ​​Distt Kech and expressed their hatred against the state, stopped the polling and sent the staff home and also raised slogans against Pakistani army in the presence of army.

The overall situation in Balochistan remains very tense, the claims of the Pakistani state have been proven false, the law and order situation remains very bad, in several video clips received by Zrumbesh media, it can be seen that the voting process is suspended at the polling stations, people are tore ballot papers. Burning and throwing ballot boxes, election workers are running away with bags, while somewhere the administration is rigging for their favorite candidates.

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