Human Rights Organizations Helps to Protect from Pakistani Forces Coercion and Harassment – Tump Residents Press Conference

Today on June 23, 2024, a single mother of two, Anisa Baloch, held a press conference at Turbat Press club, to highlight the persistent harassment, human rights abuses, suffering and dishonor she is facing at the hands of the security forces.

A resident of Konshkalat Tump Kech Distt, Anisa Baloch’s husband, Asim Faqeer was forcibly abducted by state forces from Nodiz, Turbat, on February 2, 2013. He was subjected to severe mental and physical torture, and his mutilated body was found on May 26, 2013. Sixteen years later, Anisa Baloch continues to face harassment from Pakistani forces. On March 12, 2023, her nephew, Israr Ataullah, was forcibly disappeared during a midnight raid at her native village. It has been more than a year, still he remains missing. Moreover, Anisa Baloch was also part of the “March Against Baloch Genocide” along with hundreds of Baloch Women, from Turbat to Quetta and Islamabad in November, 2023 demanding justice for her nephew Israr Attaullah. The reason of recent episode of raid and torture by the security forces, one of many, is to stop her from protesting for her nephew.

Anisa Baloch further added that, on June 1, 2024, state-backed death squad operatives fired at the main gate of her home. Later, on June 19, 2024, around 1 AM, a large contingent of Pakistani forces surrounded her house, broke in, and brutally assaulted her and her elderly parents, who are extremely ill. The forces used gun butts to beat them, threatened her by pointing a gun at her head, and took away mobile phones and other valuables. “The violent actions have caused severe distress and terror among my two young sons and the entire family.”

She highlighted that such incidents are part of a broader pattern of extrajudicial actions by Pakistani forces in Balochistan, where homes are invaded, and women and children are harassed without any crime or justification. People in villages and remote areas are particularly fed up with the brutality of state forces. These actions are clear violations of national and international laws and an affront to Baloch honor and dignity.Finally, she appealed to the Chief Justice of Pakistan and international human rights organizations to provide justice and protection to her and her family.

Anisa Baloch also urged the Baloch nation to raise their voices for justice and stand to protect the life and honor of her and her family. She also requested United Nations and human rights defenders to hear her voice and send a fact-finding commission to investigate and stop the human rights violations in Balochistan.

Furthermore Baloch Yakjehti Committee expressed its full support and solidarity with Anisa Baloch, her family and the families of all those facing the wrath of the security forces.

And added “Nothing could justify such violence on innocent Baloch civilians, specifically, against women, children and elderly by the security forces in the name of security. The right to life and dignity of Baloch men, women and children must be preserved. Baloch must resist to stop further such attrocities.

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