Turbat – Protest Sit-in of the Relatives of Baloch Missing Persons Continues for the 3rd Day of Eid

The relatives of the missing persons are still protesting on the third day of Eid at Shaheed Fida Chowk in Turbat, the main city of Kech. It is very hot weather in Turbat, the temperature has been recorded at 48° degrees Celsius.

A protest sit-in and rally was held on the first day of Eid by the relatives of the forcibly disappeared persons against the continuous enforced disappearances by the Pakistani forces in Balochistan, while the protest sit-in is still going on in Turbat today.

The protestors say that we will sit on the streets until our loved ones are recoveredIt should be remembered that two weeks ago, the Deputy Commissioner of Kech gave false assurance to the families of the missing persons that their loved ones would be recovered in 3 days, but today, despite the passage of two weeks, no one has been recovered yet.

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