BLF Claims Responsibility for Eliminating an Enemy Personnel, And Pays Tribute to Shaheed Sarmachar Mehmood alias Mehrwan

Major Gwahram Baloch, Spokesperson for the Balochistan Liberation Front claimed responsibility for elimination of an enemy personnel by hand grenade attack in Turbat.

Major Gwahram said in his statement, that “Sarmachars have targeted the post of army in Turbat on 7th June, 2024, at nine o’clock night. A hand grenade was thrown inside the outpost eliminating one enemy personnel wounding another.

In another Statement issued yesterday to media BLF’s Spokesperson Major Gwahram paid tribute to Colleague Sarmachar and said ” Mahmood alias Mehrwan s/o Major Molabakhsh a resident of Hassadig Dasht was martyred in a clash with the death squad formed by the occupying Pakistani Army, MI and ISI in the Turbat area of Kech. Pay homage to the martyred Sarmachar.On the evening of June 7th, 2024, at six o’clock, in the Kalatuk Marmar Cross area of Turbat, Sarmachars were en route to conduct organizational work when they encountered a confrontation with operatives of a death squad formed by the Pakistani army.

The death squad operatives surrounded the Sarmachars, resulting in the martyrdom of Sarmachar Mehmood alias Mehrwan. His comrade managed to evade the encirclement using guerrilla tactics, carrying the arms and equipment of the fallen Sarmachar.

He added “Martyred veteran comrade Mehmood alias Mehrwan son of Major Molabakhsh resident of Hassadig Dasht was associated with Balochistan Liberation Front since 2012 to achieve national independence. You stood by your comrades in many important battles and set a high example of courage.Martyr Mehmood Jan, also known as Mehrwan, was a close relative of martyrs Sarmachar Nako Issa alias Nako Sheera, Sameer alias Sowgath, Sana alias Sowgath, and Jaffar alias Sana.

The martyr Mehmood alias Mehrwan, was a compassionate, determined, and passionate individual. Prior to engaging in armed struggle, he was actively involved in the political struggle for the independence of Balochistan. In 2012, he participated in urban guerrilla warfare with the BLF.

Since that time, until his martyrdom, he remained dedicated to the cause, immortalizing himself by joining the ranks of the esteemed comrades of the Balochistan Liberation Front and other martyrs.

All the operatives of the death squad have been identified, all of them will be brought to their end soon. No way will be spared to the national enemies active against the Baloch National Freedom Movement.

The Balochistan Liberation Front pays tribute to its comrade, Sarmachar Shaheed Mehmood Jan, also known as Mehrwan, for his significant martyrdom. It reiterates its unwavering determination that the martyr’s mission will be fulfilled at any cost, and his vision of an independent Balochistan will be realized. The enemy will be brought to a decisive end.

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