British Taxpayers Funds linkes to use in Baloch Genocide By Pakistani State, BNM Campaign in Birmingham

Baloch National Movement UK Chapter Organised an awareness campaign in Birmingham City of UK, where members of BNM distributed leaflets.

“Money collected from the taxes of British citizens is being utilized in the Baloch genocide. This alarming revelation was shared with the citizens of Birmingham as part of an awareness campaign spearheaded by the Baloch National Movement (BNM).

During the BNM’s awareness campaign, individual citizens were approached and provided with informative pamphlets detailing the Baloch Freedom Movement and the dire situation in Balochistan. These pamphlets were also distributed among tourists, aiming to broaden understanding and garner support.

BNM representatives emphasized to British nationals that their government is channeling aid to Pakistan, funded by taxpayers, ostensibly for humanitarian purposes such as aiding flood victims and the impoverished. However, instead of constructive endeavors, these funds are being directed towards the genocide of the Baloch nation.Citizens were urged to raise this critical issue with their government and parliamentary representatives, advocating for the ethical allocation of their tax contributions and ensuring they are not complicit in human rights abuses.

Members of the BNM conveyed to citizens and tourists the egregious human rights violations perpetrated by the Pakistan Army in Balochistan. Following the occupation of Balochistan, the Baloch nation have been systematically deprived of fundamental human rights, including their freedom.It was underscored that the resources of Balochistan, including its coasts and natural wealth, have been usurped by Pakistan and China for their own interests, rather than benefitting the Baloch nation. Moreover, the lack of social development investment has exacerbated the plight of the Baloch nation, with Chinese trawlers depleting marine life and leaving local fishermen impoverished.

Additionally, the erosion of freedom has led to a dearth of essential services such as healthcare and education in Balochistan. Despite being the focal point of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), areas like Gwadar lack even basic medical facilities, contributing to rising mortality rates. Poor infrastructure further compounds the challenges, resulting in frequent fatalities on dilapidated roads, while Baloch students endure arduous journeys for education.The aid received by Pakistan from various sources, rather than ameliorating the conditions of the Baloch nation, is misappropriated to suppress their aspirations.

BNM implored British citizens and the international community to lend their support and attention to improving the human rights situation in Balochistan.This culmination marked the final phase of the ongoing awareness campaign by the BNM UK chapter, titled ‘Unveiling the Baloch Struggle,’ which successfully concluded in Birmingham. The campaign’s final leg was organized by the Staffordshire Unit, following previous phases held in British cities including London, Leeds, Newcastle, Cambridge, and Manchester.

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