BNM South Korea Protests in Busan city, against Pakistani atrocities

Baloch National Movement (BNM) South Korea Chapter, orchestrated a protest at Biff Square in Busan, fervently denouncing the relentless human rights transgressions inflicted upon the Baloch nation by the Pakistani state.

During the protest, hundreds of pamphlets were disseminated among the local populace, illuminating the dire circumstances confronting the Baloch nation. Vocalizing their outrage, demonstrators delivered speeches decrying the egregious atrocities perpetrated in Balochistan, punctuated by resounding slogans condemning enforced disappearances and other forms of human rights abuses.

Among the protesters, Bakhtawar Baloch took the podium, articulating the protracted struggle of the Baloch nation against Pakistani army occupation. In a address in Korean, she emphasized, “We are all well aware of the seventy-five years of continuous occupation of Balochistan by the Pakistani army. Since the first day of the occupation, the Baloch nation has endured the worst form of genocide at the hands of the Pakistani army. It is disheartening to note that in Balochistan, thousands of Baloch civilians, including women, students, intellectuals, engineers, doctors, political activists, leaders, and even shepherds, have been abducted and disappeared by the cruel Pakistani army.”

Local residents demonstrated solidarity with the protesters, acknowledging the imperative of raising awareness about the Baloch issue. Notable speakers including Hafsa Baloch, Sameer Baloch, and Agha Faiz expounded upon the prevailing situation in Balochistan, vehemently condemning the human rights violations perpetrated by Pakistani forces.

As the protest culminated, participants marched towards Biff Square, persisting in amplifying their voices to spotlight the enduring injustices endured by the Baloch nation.

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