JSFM holds rally on 29th Death anniversary of Sain GM Syed

On the occassion of 29th death anniversary of father of sindhi nation and sindhi freedom leader Sain GM Syed, on April 25, 2024, Jeay Sindh Freedom Movement held a rally under the leadership of Mark Sindhu, Farhan Sindhi. Rally started from Sheikh Abdul Majeed Sindhi Chowk and procession ended at the shrine of GM Syed. A large number of delegations and general national workers from all districts of Jeay Sindh Freedom Movement JSFM Sindh participated in the rally.

Participating demonstrators were carrying placards with demands for the recovery and freedom of Sindhi Missing Persons, the forced conversion of Sindhi Hindu girls, and Priya Kumari’s recovery.

The loud slogans of the participants in the rally were: your Desh, My Desh, Sindhudesh, Sindhudesh, want freedom, free the Sindhi, Baloch, Pashtun, Saraiki, Gilgit political prisoners and missing persons, arrest the killers of Shaheed Hidayat Lohar. Free Priya Kumari, stop forced conversion of Sindhi Hindu girls, Reject Bahria Town Scheme.

The rally reached the shrine of GM Syed, where the national anthem of the Sindhudesh was sung, with the participation of a large number of workers.On this occasion, Chairman Sohail Abaro, exiled from London, said on the Internet speech that the Iran-Israel war is a threat to the peace of the whole world and war is not a solution to any problem. As Israel or Palestine has been the homeland of Jews and Palestinians, they should solve their problem under the leadership of the United Nations. Any other kind of war will lead to destruction.

JSFM Chairman Sohail Abro, Vice Chairman Zubair Sindhi, Secretary General Amar Azadi, Farhan Sindhi, Hafeez Deshi, Mark Sindhu, Hoshu Sindhi said in their joint statement that while addressing the workers of pro-liberation national organizations, they said that the slavery condition of Sindh is from us. We hope that we will fight together for the freedom of our countrymen. Get up and come together to strengthen and organize the struggle for the freedom of Sindh.

The central leaders of Jeay Sindh Freedom Movement JSFM further said that on the occasion of the auspicious 29 th anniversary of Sain GM Syed, we reiterate the demand for the independence of Sindh by renewing the pledge, and appeal to the United Nations, the international conscience and the world powers that Sindh The Sindhi people should be helped in getting their freedom and their independent status in 1843

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