BNM UK Chapter’s Cambridgeshire Unit Organises event in memory of Martyrs of Murgap

The BNM UK Chapter’s Cambridgeshire unit organized an event in memory of the martyrs of Murgaap (Chairman Ghulam Muhammad, Lala Muneer, and Sher Muhammad). The event was chaired by unit Secretary Rayhan Baloch and honored by Zonal President Manzoor Baloch as the chief guest. The gathering bore witness to a heartfelt commemoration of the lives and legacies of Chairman Ghulam Muhammad, Lala Muneer, and Sher Mohammad. In a setting steeped in reverence, Hasan Dost Baloch, Junior Joint Secretary of BNM, Foreign Department’s Deputy Coordinator Niaz Baloch, and Binyamin Zehri took center stage as key speakers, weaving narratives that illuminated the profound impact of these valiant martyrs on the collective consciousness of the Baloch nation

During the event, Hasan Dost Baloch delivered an impassioned speech, stating, Today, our voices resonate not only within Balochistan but also across international institutions. It’s all thanks to the sacrifices of the martyrs, who dedicated themselves to the national cause and refused to surrender in the face of our enemies.

Niaz Baloch’s address was characterized by courage and consciousness as he reflected, “Those who understand the preciousness of life, yet choose the path to freedom despite its dangers, are not ordinary individuals. They are conscious and courageous. Despite being labeled as ‘crazy’ by some, Ghulam Muhammad and his few companions embarked on this journey of resistance. They defied the odds and multiplied their numbers through extraordinary leadership. Today, BNM has a global presence, a testament to Ghulam Muhammad’s ability to change the narrative for the betterment of our nation’s future. He was a true revolutionary leader.

Binyamin Zehri shared personal anecdotes, stating, “I remember when I saw Ghulam Muhammad for the first time in a seminar when I had no idea what was going on, but his teachings made me into what and where I am today. I remember when I saw Chairman Ghulam Muhammad for the second time. It was at an event organized on the occasion of Shaheed Fida Baloch’s martyrdom anniversary, where everyone was just recounting past failures and speaking in a demotivating sense. But Ghulam Muhammad took the stage with his speech and said, ‘No matter what you all think and say, we will resist against Pakistani occupation, and we will not stop until we get our freedom back.’ It was the first time BNM as a party showed his presence with his clear-cut goal (freedom). I met him very few times, but his teachings were always with us, showing the right path to freedom.

Lastly, Manzoor Baloch paid tribute to all martyrs of the Baloch nation, stating, “We were made to believe that heads can’t fight a stone, but Ghulam Muhammad showed us the reality of that stone. He said that is not a stone; it’s also a head, and we can fight. We are humans, and every human has the right to be free. As a nation, we also have the right to be a free nation. We face hardship, detentions, abductions, and extrajudicial killings, but we can’t and will not back down from our demand, and we will keep resisting.”

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