JSFM condemns killing of Jeay Sindh activist Hidayat Lohar and announces 10 days mourning

Jeay Sindh Freedom Movement ( JSFM) while issuing a media statement condemns the brutal killing of Senior Jeay Sindh Activist Comrade Hidayatullah Lohar today in Sindh. Who was allegedly shot dead by Pakistani intelligence in his hometown of Naseer Abad.

Jeay Simdh Freedom movement spokesperson said they stands with our nation against all oppression, The members of the party are taking part in the protest against this heinous crime of the occupying state with the family of Hidyatullah Lohar. He had gone missing in April 2017 and returned in May 2019 after being abducted. His daughter Sorath Lohar is the Chairperson of Voice for Missing Persons of Sindh (VMP). She struggled for two years for the safe release of her father Hidayatullah Lohar.

This cold-blooded murder in broad daylight raises serious questions about the state’s policy. Sindh is currently enduring its most challenging times, marked by illegal abductions of activists, deprivation of fundamental rights, the auctioning of its national resources and lands, rampant lawlessness, and its people being victims of various injustices, including torture and murdered

Sohail Abro, Chairman of Jeay Sindh Freedom Movement announced 10 days of mourning for the incident. He appealed to Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, UNO and other international bodies to take action to investigate the incident and ask Pakistani authorities for this brutal killing of Human Rights Activists.

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